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Installation is one of my favorites! Choosing a species that will do well here and installing it properly gives your new tree a good chance to grow and mature.

Young trees in planters
Tree Doctor Truck


Diagnosis is critical to trees in decline. Understanding the cause and treatment are important to restoring the tree’s health.

Root Feeding

Root feeding or deep root is a method of delivering nutrients directly into the soil so the roots can pull them up.

Pine trees in the sunset
tree spray application

Spray Application

Spray applications are direct contact techniques to treat insect infestation issues or even fungal issues.


Trunk Injections are another systematic method of delivering certain things to the tree’s vascular system such as fungicide or antibiotics.

root feeding
Snow plowing in the winter

Snow Plowing

Get your snow plowed out of the way with our commercial snow plowing.  With over 10 years of experience, we watch the weather around the clock so we can dig you out with our professional equipment!